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GF-TADs for Europe

The GF-TADs (Global Framework for the progressive control of Transboundary Animal Diseases) is a joint FAO/OIE initiative which combines the strenghs of both organisations to achieve agreed common objectives. It is a facilitating mechanism which endeavours to empower regional alliances in the fight against transboundary animal diseases (TADs), to provide for capacity building and to assist in establishing programmes for the specific control of certain TADs based on regional priorities. It has been signed on 24 May 2004, in relation with the general Agreement signed the same day between OIE and FAO. >>View the document
Since December 2007, the GF-TADs Steering Committee for Europe is chaired by Dr Van Goethem, Head of Animal Health and Welfare Directorate in DG SANCO (European Commission). An update on on-going and planned actions was made at the occasion of the 77th OIE General Session on 25 May 2009. >>View the document

First meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of the GF-TADs for Europe (Paris, OIE Headquarters, 13-14 October 2005) :

The meeting of the 1st Regional Streering Committe of GF-TADs for Europe was the third of the five regional meetings scheduled to take place under the GF-TADs launching programme. The first two meetings were held in Asia and the Americas in March and April 2005 respectively. The meetings for the Middle East and Africa were held in 2006.
The roles, membership, duties and responsabilities, objectives of the GF-TADs Regional Steering Committee of Europe, as well as exemples of activities (AI, rabies, FMD, diagnostic laboratories), are described in the report.

List of participants
Recommendation 1: Support of Member Countries of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe to the projects identified under the FAO/OIE GF-TADs
Recommendation 2 : The role of wildlife in the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza
Recommendation 3: Prevention, control and eradication of rabies in Europe
Recommendation 4: Collaboration between existing networks on activities related to animal health

Second meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of the GF-TADs for Europe (Paris, OIE Headquarters, 18 December 2007) :

Report (including list of participants and recommendations)
Recommendation 1 : Support to Regional Animal Health Activities under the regional GF-TADs Mechanism
Recommendation 2: Support to the Control of African swine fever and Classical swine fever under the Regional GF-TADs Mechanism

Third meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of the GF-TADs for Europe (Brussels, EC, 24-25 February 2010) :

List of participants
Terms of Reference of the Regional Steering Committee of the GF-TADs for Europe
Recommendation n°1 : Governance Mechanisms of GF-TADs for Europe
Recommendation n°2: Enhancing prevention and control of priority diseases in Europe


Review of the Recommendations of the last two Steering Committees of October 2005 and December 2007 (OIE) >>

Review of Global GF-TADs governance and outcomes of the Second Global Steering Committee (FAO) >>

Review of outcome of last Conference of the OIE Regional Commission held in Vilnius (OIE) >>

Status and support to GF-TADs global tools

State of play of PVS evaluations and Gap analysis carried out in Europe - Feedback from experience gained (OIE) >>

On-going projects on selected TADs in Europe
EC : Rabies, CSF, PPR, FMD
FAO : >>
EUFMD : >>


Coordination meeting in Western Balkan Countries under the mechanism of GF-TADs for Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria, 11 May 2010) :

Full Report