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The Fifth Strategic Plan (2011-2015)

Since 1990, the OIE has adopted a five-year strategic planning cycle for its work programme. The Fifth Strategic Plan covers the period 2011-2015. It builds on the success of previous Strategic Plans.

The Fifth Strategic Plan follows on from previous Plans and in particular seeks to sustain and build upon the achievements of the Fourth Strategic Plan.

However, important new elements  have been taken into account in the Fifth Strategic Plan:

  • the contribution of animal health and veterinary public health to food security, through the reduction of disease in food-producing animals and in bees, the common pollinators of food crops; 
  • application of the “One Health” concept for the reduction of risks of high impact diseases at the animal–human–ecosystems interface; 
  • strengthening of work on aquatic animal health;
  • the relationship between animal production and the environment; 
  • support for Members wishing to determine the disease status of their territory, or parts of it, in relation to the four animal diseases specified by the World Assembly of Delegates; consideration will be given to the inclusion of a limited number of additional diseases in this list, in particular certain equine, poultry and swine diseases;
  • a continued commitment to strengthen the technical capacities, management, legislation and good governance of Members’ Veterinary Services through the OIE World Animal Health and Welfare Fund and in collaboration with global partners and with global, regional or national donors.

Within the Fifth Strategic Plan, a special emphasis will be placed on the global improvement and harmonisation of veterinary legislation and of initial and continuous veterinary education.  

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