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Foot and mouth disease Portal

Press Releases


  • 29/06/12 More than 100 nations support new strategy on livestock disease
  • 27/06/12 FAO and OIE unveil Global Strategy for control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease
  • 24/03/11 North Korea: FAO says urgent vaccine and equipment needed to contain Foot-and-Mouth Disease
  • 04/03/11 FAO-OIE team in North Korea to help with Foot and Mouth disease
  • 05/07/09 OIE/FAO Global Conference on Foot and Mouth Disease - Final Recommendations
  • 26/06/09 OIE/FAO Global Conference on Foot and Mouth Disease
  • 04/04/07  Limited danger of new foot and mouth disease outbreaks in North Korea - North Korea should remain on alert 
  • 21/03/07 13th meeting of the OIE Sub-Commission for foot and mouth disease in Southeast Asia (SEAFMD)

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