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Press Releases

  • 28/09/17 Towards a rabies-free world as unparalleled global initiative gets underway
  • 28/09/15 WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC call to invest in defeating human rabies transmitted by dogs
  • 28/09/15 Dog vaccination: the key to end dog-transmitted human rabies
  • 26/09/14 Rabies is everyone's concern: the time for mobilisation is now
  • 06/11/13 WSAVA and OIE call on political leaders for action on rabies
  • 27/09/13 World Rabies Day: FAO, OIE and WHO unite to call for elimination of disease
  • 25/09/13 Rabies still kills
  • 28/09/12 OIE Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia provides 50,000 rabies vaccines to Lao PDR
  • 09/12/11 Summary details the outcomes of international high-level talks on Health Risks at the Human-Animal-Ecosystems interface
  • 09/09/11 OIE Global Conference on Rabies Control
  • 09/08/10 Rabies continues to kill in Africa and Asia
  • 30/05/07 Towards the Elimination of Rabies in Eurasia A joint OIE/WHO/EU International Conference Veterinary and public health authorities to team up to eliminate rabies worldwide
  • 13/12/06 First diagnostic kit for animal diseases and zoonoses passes the OIE Commission for Biological Standards recommendation, awaits green light of the International Committee