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A good start by the OIE on the implementation of the Doha Declaration

In order to further integrate developing countries into the international trading system - including through capacity building - and since standards and technical requirements are at the forefront of trade and development agendas, the Heads of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a joint communiqué at Doha in November 2001 committing the institutions to explore new modes of collaboration.

On the basis of this, synergies between these standard-setting organizations and other agencies will be further developed.  Joint new technical and financial mechanisms for coordination and the identification of additional resources will be explored. New alliances between standard-setting organizations and the implementing and financing agencies will also be pursued to ensure the most effective use of technical and financial resources.

In order to assist developing countries in meeting their WTO-SPS Agreement obligations, and also to allow these countries to maximize their benefits from the provisions of this Agreement, a Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) was set up in August of 2002 to facilitate the coordination of the capacity building activities of the standard-setting organizations. 

As an example, the STDF will facilitate the coordination of the delivery of technical assistance in SPS standards-related areas, the capacity enhancement of developing countries to effectively participate in the development of relevant international standards, the capacity enhancement of developing countries (public and private sectors) to benefit from international trade by meeting international standards. This will also include assisting veterinary services in strengthening their infrastructures.  

The World Bank has committed to support the STDF with an initial grant of $300,000 for this year, with possible extension for two more years.  These funds will be used to establish a secretariat function for the STDF at the WTO to build a database and information exchange mechanism on the partner institutions' capacity building programs and to start an inventory of available training materials and tool kits. The STDF will also consider the funding of participation of experts from developing countries to OIE standard setting activities, as well as the funding of pilot projects on capacity building. 

Finally, a Policy Committee comprised of high level representatives of the World Bank, FAO, OIE, WHO, and WTO will set policy guidelines, will provide oversight and guidance on programs and the Facility's work agenda, as well as evaluate reports on progress from the Facility .