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Preferential room rates

A limited number of rooms have a special offer for accommodation for the participants of the OIE OIE 3rd Global Conference on Animal Welfare . We advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible in order to obtain discounted rates.

The following room fares include buffet breakfast and taxes ( 10% Service Charge & 6% Government Tax)

Palace of the Golden Horses (Conference venue)

Deluxe room – (Single/Double) RM 302.00 /room/night

Reservation Booking form (Hotel Reservation Form - Palace of the Golden Horses.doc)

Location (Palace of the Golden Horses - Location.pdf)

Mines Wellness Hotel

Close to the Palace of the Golden Horses by water taxi shuttle (8 RM per person, per way)

Standard - Deluxe Room (Single) - RM 260.00 /room/night

Standard - Deluxe Room (Double / Twin Sharing) - RM 280.00 /room/night

Reservation Booking form




Other option for accommodation

Sun Inns D’Mind

The following room fares are inclusive of taxes ( 10% Service Charge & 6% Government Tax) but not include breakfast

Deluxe Non-Windows - RM 85.00/room/night

Superior Non-Windows - RM 85.00/room/night

Deluxe Window - RM 90.00/room/night

Superior Window - RM 90.00/room/night

Deluxe Small - RM 75.00/room/night

Single Non-Windows - RM 70.00/room/night

Reservation Booking form




Terrestrial Animal Health Code

Chap. 7.1 Introduction to the recommendations for animal welfare
Chap. 7.2 Transport of animals by sea
Chap. 7.3 Transport of animals by land
Chap.7.4 Transport of animals by air
Chap. 7.5 Slaughter of animals
Chap. 7.6 Killing of animals for disease control purposes
Chap. 7.7 Stray dog population control
Chap. 7.8 Use of animals in research and education
Aquatic Animal Health Code
Chap. 7.1 ntroduction to recommendations for the welfare of farmed fis
Chap. 7.2 Welfare of farmed fish during transport
Chap. 7.3 (Welfare aspects of stunning and killing of farmed fish for human consumption