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Animal Welfare: global issues, trends and challenges
Scientific and Technical Review 24 (2)

Author(s) : A.C.D. Bayvel, S.A. Rahman & A. Gavinelli; Ed.: 2005

Summary :

“Animal Welfare: global issues, trends and challenges” is the second major animal welfare publication in the OIE Scientific and Technical Review series and is designed to provide a contemporary, and truly global, perspective on animal welfare. Detailed reviews on historical, current and future approaches to the scientific assessment of animal welfare will be complemented by perspectives and updates from the five OIE regions and selected international stakeholders.

Animal Welfare: an OIE initiative

Author(s) : OIE & European Commission; Ed.: 2004

Summary :

Proceedings of the Global Conference on Animal Welfare

Proceedings of the Global Conference on Animal Welfare
The book contains the unabridged texts of the 24 papers presented by internationally renowned experts. Recommendations from the various working groups which consisted of experts from different stakeholder groups, namely the public and private sector, research and education, and non-governmental organisations.
The texts are published in English and in the language in which they were presented; the summaries and recommendations are all in English, French and Spanish.

Animal Welfare
'Putting the OIE standards to work

Author(s) OIE & EU; Ed.: 2011

Summary :

These proceedings address the worldwide implementation of the OIE Animal Welfare standards for the transport of livestock by land, sea and air; the slaughter of animals for human consumption and the killing of animals for disease control purposes. This conference brought together experts who are actively involved in the implementation of animal welfare policies in their countries to share their experiences on the implementation of the OIE standards.
Proceedings of the 2nd Global Conference on Animal Welfare, Cairo, Egypt


Terrestrial Animal Health Code

Chap. 7.1 Introduction to the recommendations for animal welfare
Chap. 7.2 Transport of animals by sea
Chap. 7.3 Transport of animals by land
Chap.7.4 Transport of animals by air
Chap. 7.5 Slaughter of animals
Chap. 7.6 Killing of animals for disease control purposes
Chap. 7.7 Stray dog population control
Chap. 7.8 Use of animals in research and education
Aquatic Animal Health Code
Chap. 7.1 ntroduction to recommendations for the welfare of farmed fis
Chap. 7.2 Welfare of farmed fish during transport
Chap. 7.3 (Welfare aspects of stunning and killing of farmed fish for human consumption