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Alejandra Balmont World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE
12 rue de Prony
75017 Paris, FRANCE

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is committed to supporting the efforts of the international community to achieve worldwide eradication of rabies, a dreadful disease that still claims the lives of some 50'000 people a year. The victims, mostly children, die after a period of dreadful suffering.

A global conference is needed to bring together all parties involved in controlling rabies at its animal source and help to create synergy between their individual efforts.

We know, for instance, that the majority of resources available in rabies endemic countries today are directed at treating humans who have been bitten, in most cases by dogs. All too frequently the dogs have no owner or the owner has failed to assume responsibility for the animal's health and to keep the animal under control.

We also know that allocating part of these resources to rabies prevention in animals and stray dog population control would help to bring about a marked reduction in the number of human and animal rabies cases throughout the world.

This Global Conference, due to take place in Seoul from 7 to 9 September 2011, will give priority to good governance decisions on the distribution of public or private, local, national and international resources towards priority actions in animals at the animal–human interface, in line with the new “One Health” concept.

It will provide an opportunity to highlight the latest success stories in the field of diagnosis, parenteral and oral vaccination of domestic and wild carnivores, control of the animal populations involved and systems of governance involving a wide range of stakeholders, including the Veterinary Services, Public Health Services, municipalities, NGOs and all other relevant stakeholders of the public and private sector.

This Conference is being organised by the OIE in collaboration with FAO and WHO and will receive generous support from the Republic of Korea through the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and its National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service. The recommendations arising from this Conference will notably help the OIE to prepare novel international standards on rabies control and achieve better coordination with its partners. The Conference will be open to all scientists concerned with the animal world and public health, the representatives of veterinary and medical services and public sector animal and human health managers from all over the world as well as all non-governmental players contributing to rabies control worldwide.

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