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Call for posters

Poster Session

Experts, policy makers, and researchers are invited to submit posters for display throughout the conference (including at the official reception which will take place at the end of the afternoon on 1 July 2015). The initial selection of posters will be made following submission of an abstract. Full instructions are provided below.

Posters Session: Guidance and registration conditions.

1. Objectives :

The objective of the poster session is to present results-based activities, from different countries and regions, which seek or have been shown to reduce biological threats from animal pathogens (including zoonoses).

Such activities may include new national regulatory approaches and capacity building (technical, legislative or governance-focused), research, simulation exercises, networking, novel trainings, policy development, public-private partnerships, and inter-sectoral cooperation (particularly between animal health, public health and security sectors).

2. Criteria for acceptance.

Posters must be relevant to one or more of the conference’s objectives ( click here for full information on the conference scope and objectives).

The poster should present interesting information clearly and concisely.

Entries must credit the individuals and organisations which have supported the work.

For scientific presentations the traditional format will be used, including introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion/conclusion, and references. Non-scientific presentations can use other formats if relevant.

3. Process:

  • First submission (Abstract) : Send a brief abstract (maximum 250 words) in a Word file including the title, authors, and content of the presentation. Abstracts must be in English.
    • Deadline : Friday 29 May 2015

The Conference Secretariat will let you know whether the abstract has been accepted by 5 June.

  • Final submission : if the abstract is selected you should then send an electronic copy of the poster (pdf format)
    • Deadline : Friday 19 June 2015

Once posters have been accepted the author should register for participation in the conference.

Abstracts and electronic copies of posters should be sent by email to biothreat-reduction@oie.int

4. Selection process

The Conference Scientific Committee will select abstracts based on their ability to meet criteria for acceptance and their scientific quality.

4. Basic criteria for presentation of posters

Posters should be printed (in advance) and mounted by participants at the venue.

The posters should be horizontal or vertical, and may not exceed the following dimensions:

Landscape format (horizontal): 145 cm x 90 cm.

Portrait format (vertical): 90 cm x 120 cm.

If possible, posters should be written in English.

Posters should have a graphical approach with clear, simple and effective communication. Please keep text to a minimum.

Posters should be large enough to be viewed from a distance of two metres.

The title and text should be clearly visible, well-spaced and harmonised.

Posters can be mounted in the dedicated exhibition space at Maison de La Chimie, 28 bis Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007, Paris during lunchtime on 1 July 2015.

5. Any other questions

Please do not hesitate to contact biothreat-reduction@oie.int if you have any further questions


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