Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines
for Terrestrial Animals 2009




Volume 1


Introduction (How to use this Terrestrial Manual)



List of tests for International trade (current version as of May 2010)



Common abbreviations used in this Terrestrial Manual



Glossary of terms





Part 1

General Information

Section 1.1.

Introductory Chapters

Chapter 1.1.1.

Collection and shipment of diagnostic specimens


Chapter 1.1.2.

Biosafety and biosecurity in the veterinary microbiology laboratory
and animal facilities


Chapter 1.1.3.

Quality management in veterinary testing laboratories


Chapter 1.1.4.

Principles of validation of diagnostic assays for infectious diseases


Chapter 1.1.5.

Validation and quality control of polymerase chain reaction methods
used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases


Chapter 1.1.6.

Laboratory methodologies for bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility testing


Chapter 1.1.7.

Biotechnology in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and vaccine development (including text on nanotechnology adopted in May 2008)


Chapter 1.1.8.

Principles of veterinary vaccine production


Chapter 1.1.9.

Tests for sterility and freedom from contamination of biological materials


Chapter 1.1.10.

Guidelines for international standards for vaccine banks


Chapter 1.1.11.

The role of official bodies in the international regulation of veterinary biologicals


Part 2

OIE Listed Diseases and Other Diseases of Importance to International Trade

Section 2.1.

Multiple Species

Chapter 2.1.1.



Chapter 2.1.2.

Aujeszky’s disease


Chapter 2.1.3.



Chapter 2.1.4.



Chapter 2.1.5.

Foot and mouth disease (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.1.6.



Chapter 2.1.7.

Japanese encephalitis


Chapter 2.1.8.



Chapter 2.1.9.



Chapter 2.1.10.

New World screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) and
Old World screwworm (Chrysomya bezziana)


Chapter 2.1.11.

Paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease)


Chapter 2.1.12.

Q fever


Chapter 2.1.13.



Chapter 2.1.14.

Rift Valley fever


Chapter 2.1.15.



Chapter 2.1.16.



Chapter 2.1.17.

Trypanosoma evansi infections (including surra)


Chapter 2.1.18.



Chapter 2.1.19.

Vesicular stomatitis


Chapter 2.1.20.

West Nile fever


Section 2.2.




Introductory note on bee diseases


Chapter 2.2.1.

Acarapisosis of honey bees


Chapter 2.2.2.

American foulbrood of honey bees


Chapter 2.2.3.

European foulbrood of honey bees


Chapter 2.2.4.

Nosemosis of honey bees


Chapter 2.2.5.

Small hive beetle infestation (Aethina tumida)


Chapter 2.2.6.

Tropilaelaps infestation of honey bees (Tropilaelaps spp.)


Chapter 2.2.7.

Varroosis of honey bees


Section 2.3.


Chapter 2.3.1.

Avian chlamydiosis


Chapter 2.3.2.

Avian infectious bronchitis


Chapter 2.3.3.

Avian infectious laryngotracheitis


Chapter 2.3.4.

Avian influenza (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.3.5.

Avian mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma gallisepticum, M. synoviae)


Chapter 2.3.6.

Avian tuberculosis


Chapter 2.3.7.

Duck virus enteritis


Chapter 2.3.8.

Duck virus hepatitis


Chapter 2.3.9.

Fowl cholera


Chapter 2.3.10.

Fowl pox


Chapter 2.3.11.

Fowl typhoid and Pullorum disease


Chapter 2.3.12.

Infectious bursal disease (Gumboro disease)


Chapter 2.3.13.

Marek’s disease


Chapter 2.3.14.

Newcastle disease


Chapter 2.3.15.

Turkey rhinotracheitis (avian metapneumovirus) (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)



Volume 2


Introduction (How to use this Terrestrial Manual)



List of tests for International trade



Common abbreviations used in this Terrestrial Manual



Glossary of terms





Part 2 continued

OIE Listed Diseases and Other Diseases of Importance to International Trade

Section 2.4.


Chapter 2.4.1.

Bovine anaplasmosis


Chapter 2.4.2.

Bovine babesiosis


Chapter 2.4.3.

Bovine brucellosis (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.4.4.

Bovine cysticercosis


Chapter 2.4.5.

Bovine genital campylobacteriosis


Chapter 2.4.6.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy


Chapter 2.4.7.

Bovine tuberculosis (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.4.8.

Bovine viral diarrhoea


Chapter 2.4.9.

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia


Chapter 2.4.10.



Chapter 2.4.11.

Enzootic bovine leukosis


Chapter 2.4.12.

Haemorrhagic septicaemia


Chapter 2.4.13.

Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis/infectious pustular vulvovaginitis


Chapter 2.4.14.

Lumpy skin disease


Chapter 2.4.15.

Malignant catarrhal fever


Chapter 2.4.16.



Chapter 2.4.17.



Chapter 2.4.18.

Trypanosomosis (Tsetse-transmitted)


Section 2.5.


Chapter 2.5.1.

African horse sickness


Chapter 2.5.2.

Contagious equine metritis


Chapter 2.5.3.



Chapter 2.5.4.

Epizootic lymphangitis


Chapter 2.5.5.

Equine encephalomyelitis (Eastern and Western)


Chapter 2.5.6.

Equine infectious anaemia


Chapter 2.5.7.

Equine influenza


Chapter 2.5.8.

Equine piroplasmosis


Chapter 2.5.9.

Equine rhinopneumonitis


Chapter 2.5.10.

Equine viral arteritis


Chapter 2.5.11.



Chapter 2.5.12.

Horse mange


Chapter 2.5.13.

Horse pox


Chapter 2.5.14.

Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis


Section 2.6.


Chapter 2.6.1.



Chapter 2.6.2.

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease


Section 2.7.

Ovidae and Capridae

Chapter 2.7.1.

Border disease


Chapter 2.7.2.

Caprine and ovine brucellosis (excluding Brucella ovis) (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.7.3/4.

Caprine arthritis/encephalitis and Maedi-visna


Chapter 2.7.5.

Contagious agalactia


Chapter 2.7.6.

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia


Chapter 2.7.7.

Enzootic abortion of ewes (ovine chlamydiosis)


Chapter 2.7.8.

Nairobi sheep disease


Chapter 2.7.9.

Ovine epididymitis (Brucella ovis) (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.7.10

Ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (adenomatosis)


Chapter 2.7.11.

Peste des petits ruminants


Chapter 2.7.12.

Salmonellosis (S. abortusovis)


Chapter 2.7.13.

Scrapie (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.7.14.

Sheep pox and goat pox


Section 2.8.


Chapter 2.8.1.

African swine fever


Chapter 2.8.2.

Atrophic rhinitis of swine


Chapter 2.8.3.

Classical swine fever (hog cholera)


Chapter 2.8.4.

Nipah virus encephalitis


Chapter 2.8.5.

Porcine brucellosis (NB: Version adopted in May 2009)


Chapter 2.8.6.

Porcine cysticercosis


Chapter 2.8.7.

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome


Chapter 2.8.8.

Swine influenza


Chapter 2.8.9.

Swine vesicular disease


Chapter 2.8.10.

Teschovirus encephalomyelitis (previously enterovirus encephalomyelitis or Teschen/Talfan disease)


Chapter 2.8.11.

Transmissible gastroenteritis


Section 2.9.

Other Diseases

Chapter 2.9.1.

Bunyaviral diseases of animals (excluding Rift Valley fever)


Chapter 2.9.2.



Chapter 2.9.3.

Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli


Chapter 2.9.4.



Chapter 2.9.5.



Chapter 2.9.6.

Hendra and Nipah virus diseases


Chapter 2.9.7.

Listeria monocytogenes


Chapter 2.9.8.



Chapter 2.9.9.



Chapter 2.9.10.



Chapter 2.9.11.

Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli


Chapter 2.9.12.

Zoonoses transmissible from non-human primates


Part 3

OIE Reference Experts and Disease Index

List of OIE Reference Laboratories (as of May 2008)


Alphabetical list of diseases


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