Ad hoc Groups

Ad hoc groups are convened at the initiative of the Director General to respond to questions posed to them within the sphere of their competence and in support of the Specialist Commissions. The Director General has the mandate to define the Terms of Reference and to select appropriate experts based on their experience and scientific excellence while ensuring geographical balance. The ad hoc group reports are submitted to the relevant Specialist Commission for their information and consideration.

Planned ad hoc Groups

The planned schedule for ad hoc groups can be accessed at the link below. Once the Director General has established the ad hoc Group, the Terms of Reference will be available under the Section ad hoc Group reports.

The terms of reference for future ad hoc groups are attached to the calendar once they have been approved.

Other background documents such as discussion papers or scientific reports will also be attached to the calendar.

Calendar ad hoc groups

Nomination of experts

Delegates wishing to nominate experts for a specific ad hoc group should send the experts CV and the name of the ad hoc group via email to This does not guarantee that the expert will be selected but will assist the OIE in establishing a database of internationally recognised experts.

Ad hoc Group reports

Once the report has been considered by the relevant Specialist Commission(s) the ad hoc group reports are now available on the OIE website as stand-alone documents.

To access reports prior to July 2016, please refer to reports of OIE Specialist Commissions available at:

File name asc Size asc Last updated asc
dir ..
dir African horse sickness
dir Animal welfare and laying hen production systems
dir Animal welfare and pig production systems
dir Antimicrobial resistance
dir Avian influenza
dir Biological Threat Reduction
dir Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
dir Classical swine fever
dir Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
dir Diseases for which Vaccines could reduce Antimicrobial Use
dir Equine trypanosomoses
dir Foot and Mouth Disease
dir Killing methods for reptiles commercially processed for their skins, meat and other products
dir MERS-CoV
dir Peste des petits ruminants
dir Rabies
dir Rabies_Chap.Manual
dir Safety of products derived from aquatic animals
dir Surveillance
dir Susceptibility of crustacean species to infection with OIE listed diseases
dir Susceptibility of fish species to infection with OIE listed diseases
dir Theileriosis
dir Tilapia lake virus
dir Transport_Biological_Material
dir Tuberculin
dir Vaccination
dir Veterinary paraprofessionals
dir Veterinary_Biobank