Ad hoc Group reports
Ad hoc groups are convened at the initiative of the Director General to respond to questions posed to them within the sphere of their competence and in support of the Specialist Commissions. The Director General has the mandate to define the Terms of Reference and to select appropriate experts based on their experience and scientific excellence while ensuring geographical balance. The ad hoc group reports are submitted to the relevant Specialist Commission for their information and consideration.

In July 2016 the OIE Director General agreed to make ad hoc group reports available on the OIE website as stand-alone documents. To access previous reports not provided below, please refer to reports of OIE Specialist Commissions available at:

File name asc Size asc Last updated asc
dir ..
dir Animal welfare and pig production systems
dir Antimicrobioresistance
dir Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
dir Classical swine fever
dir Diseases for which Vaccines could reduce Antimicrobial Use
dir Equine trypanosomoses
dir Foot and Mouth Disease
dir MERS-CoV
dir Safety of products derived from aquatic animals
dir Susceptibility of crustacean species to infection with OIE listed diseases
dir Vaccination