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The new OIE Bulletin: part of the OIE modernisation strategy

In previous editorials, I have emphasised the importance of communication to attain our objectives more rapidly.

Among measures designed to raise awareness of the activities and usefulness of the OIE for the international community, the OIE has modernised its longest-standing communication tool, the Bulletin.

Although the Bulletin has changed considerably since its creation, renewed efforts were required if the publication were to address the concerns of its readers more effectively, while respecting the spirit in which it was created and maintaining the quality that has always been provided.

The new Bulletin complies with the new image. The presentation is more attractive and user-friendly, the format is larger, texts are more widely spaced and greater use is made of illustrations. A section has been reserved for exchanges of ideas between the OIE and its partners and for feature articles. The Bulletin will now be published quarterly and in three separate language editions for enhanced readability.

The editorials will most often cover items of topical interest in the scientific or technical field or subjects relating to the organisation or strategies of the OIE.

The ‘OIE News’ section is devoted to forthcoming OIE publications, news on the OIE website, the latest press releases, meetings and visits, activities at the OIE Headquarters and Official Acts, such as new agreements, appointments of Delegates and additions to the lists of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres.

The ‘News from Colleagues’ section includes information on animal disease control programmes implemented in regions or Member Countries and the activities of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres.

A special section entitled ‘Letters to the Editor’ provides Delegates, Regional Representatives, Presidents of Specialist and Regional Commissions and Central Bureau members with an opportunity to express their views on topics of general interest. This section will also include replies to questions received on the interpretation of the International Animal Health Code and the International Aquatic Animal Health Code that are likely to be of particular interest to Member Countries. Finally, each issue includes a selection of international meetings and events, and publications and Internet sites.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite the Delegates, Heads of Collaborating Centres, Reference Laboratories, OIE staff and all our partners to participate actively in the success of the new Bulletin by contributing articles.

Our aim is for the Bulletin to be your journal, in other words, to reflect the components and dynamic forces of our Organisation. Suggestions for improvements to the new Bulletin will always be most welcome.

The second issue in this new format will be released in April 2003.

Bernard Vallat

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