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Implementing the OIE/Japan Special Trust Fund Project on Avian Influenza Control in Asia

The OIE/Japan Special Trust Fund Project on Avian Influenza Control in Asia shifted into full operational mode with the take-off of epidemiology, disease information and diagnostic capacity building activities in eight Asian countries affected or threatened by the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1(HPAI) virus: Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

According to the plan outlined under the OIE/Japan Special Trust Fund (JSTF) a schedule of activities for 2006 and the first semester of 2007 was confirmed:

  • strengthening of laboratories diagnostic capacities with the procurement of new equipment for up to 17 laboratories in all eight countries;
  •  improving HPAI control strategies at regional and national level through the update of national and regional contingency plans;
  •  developing national disease information sharing systems to further strengthen early warning and rapid response systems;
  •   training of field veterinarians and para-professionals on epidemiology diagnostic and notification of diseases.

The overall purpose of the project managed by the OIE headquarters, its Regional Representation for Asia based in Tokyo (Japan) and its Sub-regional Representation for South-East Asia in Bangkok (Thailand), is to control HPAI in animals at source and mitigate risks of spreading to other countries or regions using a 7.698,794 million dollars grant donated to the OIE by the Japanese government in April 2006.