OIE Regional Commission for the Americas

Bridgetown (Barbados), 26 - 29 November 2012

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Nathaly Monsalve
World Organisation for Animal Health
12 rue de Prony
75017 Paris, France

OIE Regional Representation for the Americas
Buenos Aires

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Dr Mark O. Trotman
Senior Veterinary Officer Veterinary Services
Ministry of Agriculture svo@caribsurf.com





Following the kind proposal of the government of Barbados, the 21 st Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas will be held in Bridgetown from 26 to 29 November 2012.

I wish you all a warm welcome to this important event held every two years in Americas with the purpose to bring together the National Delegates of the OIE Member Countries of the Region, the Director General of the OIE and relevant team from the OIE Headquarters, the OIE Regional and Sub Regional Representatives, the representatives of international and regional organisations as well as experts from the region and the world, providing a unique opportunity to express our willingness to work together and our solidarity to overcome the recent and on-going challenges in the control of animal diseases in the region and the rest of the world.

In Barbados we will have the opportunity to examine, within a regional framework, issues relating to animal health and welfare and to produce recommendations to be submitted for approval to the World Assembly of Delegates of the OIE and implemented, after adoption, by the OIE Members, OIE Headquarters and/or the Regional Representations.

The high-level thematic debates will be animated by internationally recognized speakers and will focus on different issues of relevance for the region such as the Technical Item I regarding the “Disaster management: the role and preparedness of Veterinary Services” and the Technical item II on “Innovative strategies for strengthening regional animal health networks”; the Animal Health Situation of Member Countries in the Region during the first semester of 2012 ; OIE policies on Veterinary Education; the Outcomes of the Second OIE/FAO Global Conference on foot and mouth disease control; among others.

I hope that this Conference will prompt lively and stimulating discussions leading to proactive recommendations to be then submitted for endorsement by the World Assembly of National Delegates in May 2013.

I trust that the OIE can count on your commitment in improving animal health everywhere and thus I am looking forward to meet you in Barbados.

Dr Bernard Vallat
OIE Director General