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Event summary: African swine fever, Romania
Start of event 27/07/2017
Confirmation 31/07/2017
Report date 31/07/2017
Submission date 31/07/2017
Reason First occurrence in the country
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
Number of outbreaks 2
Date resolved Continuing
Epidemiological comments Domestic pigs in a backyard. Source of infection unknown, investigation is ongoing.
Romania has submitted the following immediate notification and follow-up report (s) to OIE.

View Report Date Date submitted to OIE Report Type
Full report 31/07/2017 31/07/2017 Immediate notification
Full report 01/08/2017 01/08/2017 Follow-up Report 1
Full report 11/08/2017 11/08/2017 Follow-up Report 2
Full report 25/09/2017 25/09/2017 Follow-up Report 3
Full report 04/10/2017 04/10/2017 Follow-up Report 4
Full report 09/10/2017 09/10/2017 Follow-up Report 5