Low pathogenic avian influenza (poultry),
South Africa
Information received on 23/12/2013 from Dr Bothle Michael Modisane, Chief Director , Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Animal Production and Health, PRETORIA, South Africa
Report type Follow-up report No. 1
Date of start of the event 30/07/2013
Date of confirmation of the event 01/08/2013
Report date 23/12/2013
Date submitted to OIE 23/12/2013
Date event resolved 17/10/2013
Reason for notification Recurrence of a listed disease
Date of previous occurrence 05/2012
Manifestation of disease Sub-clinical infection
Causal agent Low pathogenic avian influenza virus
Serotype H7
Nature of diagnosis Laboratory (advanced)
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
Related reports Immediate notification (30/08/2013)
Follow-up report No. 1 (23/12/2013)
Follow-up report No. 2 (11/06/2014)
Outbreaks There are no new outbreaks in this report
Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
  • Unknown or inconclusive
Epidemiological comments This outbreak is more than 1,000 km away from any other reported H7N1 or H7N7 outbreaks and occurred in species other than ostriches. There is no evidence to link this outbreak to previous outbreaks. This outbreak occurred in indigenous wild birds and an exotic parrot kept in captivity. The birds were tested for planned export. They tested positive on RT-PCR for H7. The samples did not render enough material to allow sequencing or virus isolation and the N-type could not be determined. It is highly unlikely that further information on the N-type will be obtained. For this reason, the veterinary services decided to report it as a new event. Note by the OIE Animal Health Information Department: H5 and H7 avian influenza in its low pathogenic form in poultry is a notifiable disease as per Chapter 10.4. on avian influenza of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code (2013).
Control measures
Measures applied
  • Screening
  • Quarantine
  • Vaccination prohibited
  • No treatment of affected animals
Measures to be applied
  • No other measures
Future Reporting
The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.