World Organisation for Animal Health

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General organisation

  • World Assembly of Delegates

    The highest authority of the OIE

  • Council

    Composed of the President of the World Assembly, the Vice-President, the Past President and six Delegates

  • Director General


    Monique Eloit

    • Specialist Commissions

      Terrestrial animals, Laboratories, Aquatic animals, Scientific

    • Regional Commissions

      Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia-Far East and Oceania, Middle East

    • Headquarters

      Located in Paris and placed under the authority of the Director General of the OIE, appointed by the World Assembly

        • Collaborating Centres

          Centers of expertise in a specific designated sphere of competence relating to the management of general questions on animal health issues

        • Reference Laboratories

          Designated to pursue all the scientific and technical problems relating to a named animal disease or specific topic

        • Ad hoc Groups

          Convened to examine specific scientific and technical issues

        • Working Groups

          Responsible for continuingly reviewing developments in their fields

  • Regional Representations

    Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East