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The Headquarters are located in Paris. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is placed under the authority of the Director General of the OIE, appointed by secret ballot by vote of the World Assembly of Delegates.

In May 2015, during the 83rd General Session, Dr. Monique Eloit was appointed Director General for a first five year mandate.  She began her term in office on January 1, 2016.

The Headquarters implement and coordinate activities such as disease information, technical cooperation and scientific activities, which the World Assembly of Delegates has decided upon.

Furthermore, the Headquarters provides the secretariat for the annual General Session of the Assembly, meetings of the Council and the Commissions as well as  technical meetings organised by the OIE; assistance is also given by the Headquarters to the secretariat of regional and specialised conferences. Since 1990 it also has a Documentation Centre of a great scientific value. The Documentation Centre is under the responsibility of the Administration, Logistic and Publications Departement.


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General Directorate  

Monique Eloit

Director General

Isabelle Cusin

Directorate Secretary

Graziella Crezegut

Executive Assistant

Romano Marabelli

Advisor to the Director General

Communication Unit 

Catherine Bertrand-Ferrandis

Head of the Communication Unit

Aziza Ben Cherifa

Rinderpest Communications Officer

Lucia Escati

Communications Officer

Yael Farhi

Chargée de mission

Taylor Gabourie

Antimicrobial Resistance Communications Officer

Andrea Gianella Lavarello Schettini

African Swine Fever Communications Officer

Olive Nontuthuko Keamogetse Ncube

Trilingual Secretary

Ana Paula Zaleta Pinet

Digital Communications Officer

Performance and Change Management Cell

Maroussia Clavel

Head of the Performance and Change Management Cell

Financial Directorate

Alain Dehove

Director of Finance

Anne Reale-Bailly

Bilingual Secretary 

Isabelle Dieuzy-Labaye

Senior Advisor, Public-Private Partnerships

World Fund Unit 

Emily Tagliaro

Head of the World Fund Unit

Ingrid Contreras Arias

Project Officer

Lydia Greve

Project Officer

Marilène Langlois

Project Officer

Lorenz Nake

Project Officer

Stéphane Renaudin

Project Officer

Budget Unit 

Alix Weng

Head of the Budget Unit

Reneylde Boulat

Administrative Assistant

Romain Lemesnager

Budget Officer

Tharshika Melkius

Budget Assistant

Accounting Unit 

Gilles Seigneurin

Head of the Accounting Unit

Joseph Dang

Accountant and Payroll Officer

Edwige de Oliveira Marques

Accounts Assistant

Marie Dieni

Accounts Assistant


Jean-Philippe Dop

Deputy Director General "Institutional Affairs and Regional Activities"

Human Resources Unit

Corinne Escoffier

Head of the Human Resources Unit

Marie Bonnerot

Personnel Administration Manager

Mialitiana Rakotobe

Recruitment and Training Manager

Strategic Partnerships and Legal Affairs Unit

Rodney de Souza

Head of the Strategic Partnerships and Legal Affairs Unit

Documentation Cell

Aline Rousier

Head of the Documentation Cell

Marie-Christine Steiner

Scientific and Regulatory Documentation Officer

Regional Activities Department

François Caya

Head of Department

Montserrat Arroyo Kuribreña

Deputy Head of Department

Maud Carron

Chargée de mission to the PVS Pathway Secretariat

Alice Di Giacinto

Chargée de mission

Sonia Fèvre

Chargée de mission

Camille Loi

Chargée de mission

Nathaly Monsalve

Chargée de mission

Alise Ozolina

Bilingual Assistant

Valentyna Sharandak

Chargée de mission

David Sherman

Chargé de mission

Events Coordination Unit 

Mara Elma Gonzalez Ortiz

Head of the Events Coordination Unit

Elisabeth Biloa Mendomo

Administrative Assistant

Nelly Dubarry

Events Coordinator

Maria Raluca Hanea

Travel Coordinator

Paulina Iliana López Gutiérrez

Travel Coordinator

Christine Petit

Trilingual Assistant Travel Manager

Margherita Recchia

Senior Events Coordinator

Ralitsa Stoyanova

Events Coordinator

Yi Yang

Travel Coordinator

Information Systems Unit 

Audrey Thery

Head of the Information Systems Unit

Ely Prince Adicolle


Ludovico Bonifacio

Data Migration Officer

Amna Kooli

IT Project Manager

Boualem Rahmouni

Operations, Workstation and Infrastructure Manager

Roycelynne Reyes

IT Project Officer

Abdoul Aziz Salissou Mayana

IT Systems Officer

Logistics Unit 

Quentin Mirgon

Head of the Logistics Unit

Sofyane Arnoult

Logistics Officer

José Avenia Grajales

Logistics Technician

Alex Ginzburg

Receptionist / Standardist

Stéphane Schavliège

Logistics Technician

Zoltán Szabó

Receptionist / Standardist 

Joël Yabut



Matthew Stone

Deputy Director General "International Standards and Science"

World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department 

Paula Cáceres Soto

Head of the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department

Peter Melens

Deputy Head of Department

Margarita Alonso

Translation/Editing Assistant

Lina Awada

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Maria Ines Campos Mongelos

Chargée de mission

Isik Ersan

Chargée de mission

Itlala Gizo

Scientific Support Officer

Natalja Lambergeon

Project Manager for Animal Health Information Systems

Christine Leon Rolez

Scientific Support Officer

Ronald Mora Castillo

Chargé de mission

Matteo Morini

Chargé de mission 

Lina Mur

Veterinary Epidemiologist

François Ntsama

Chargé de mission

Belén Otero Abad

Chargée de mission

Anastasija Popova

Scientific Support Officer

Melissa Sangster Stein

Administrative Assistant

Florent Taconnet

Editing Assistant/Translator

Brigitte Tanguy-Delage

Trilingual Secretary

Paolo Tizzani

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Patricia Vergara

Chargée de mission

Madison Wimmers

Scientific Support Officer

Standards Department 

Gillian Mylrea

Head of the Standards Department

Francisco D'Alessio

Deputy Head of Department

Karen Bucher

Project Officer

Claudia Campos

Bilingual Secretary

Charmaine Chng Wenya

Chargée de mission

Jeannine Fischer

Chargée de mission

Anne Guillon

Copy Editor

Stian Johnsen

Chargé de mission

Elizabeth Marier

Chargée de mission

Kiyokazu Murai

Chargée de mission

Leopoldo Humberto Stuardo Escobar

Chargé de mission

Diana Tellechea

Project Officer

Status Department 

Neo Joel Mapitse

Head of the Status Department

Min Kyung Park

Deputy Head of Department

Stéphanie Beau

Bilingual Secretary

Anna-Maria Baka

Chargée de mission

Aurelio Cabezas Murillo

Data Analyst in epidemiology

Hernán Oliver Daza Gutiérrez

Chargé de mission

María Fernanda Mejía Salazar

Chargée de mission 

Mauro Meske

Chargé de mission

Marija Popovic

Chargé de mission

Wael Sakhraoui

Chargé de mission

Programmes Department

Tianna Brand

Head of the Programmes Department

Keith Hamilton

Senior Chargé de mission 

François Diaz

Chargé de mission

Daniel Donachie

Project Officer - emergency and disaster preparedness

Jennifer Lasley

Project Coordinator 

Mariana Marrana

Chargée de mission

Sophie Muset

Ebola Project Lead Progamme and Technical Coordinator

Benjamin Nyange Musole

Data Analyst (Data Analyste Technico-fonctionnel) – Sustainable Laboratories Team

Julie Sinclair

CDC One Health Liaison to the OIE

Christine Uhlenhaut

Chargée de mission 

Science Department

Gregorio José Torres Penalver

Head of the Science Department

Antonino Caminiti

Chargé de mission

Sara Linnane

Scientific Editor

Stefano Messori

Technical Expert

Jee Yong Park

Chargé de mission

Gounalan Pavade

Chargé de mission

Patricia S. Pozzetti

Chargée de mission

Antimicrobial Resistance and Veterinary Products Department

Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel

Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Veterinary Products Department

Ben Davies

Chargé de mission

Glen Gifford

Chargé de mission

Delfy Marianella Góchez Alvarenga

Chargée de mission

Rebecca Hibbard

Chargée de missionwith focus on the quality of veterinary antimicrobial products surveillance

Morgan Jeannin

Chargé de mission - Antimicrobial Use Database

Saija Kalenius

Chargée de mission

Mduduzi Welcome Magongo

Business Project Management Support

Dante Roberto Mateo Carranza

Chargé de mission with focus on aquatic animals

Jorge Manuel Pinto Ferreira

Chargé de mission

Martine Risser

Secretary (Typing, DTP)

Mária Szabó

Chargée de mission for Veterinary Medicinal Products

Yisol Yanez-Annarumma

Administrative Assistant

Publications Unit

Annie Souyri

Head of the Publications Unit

Séverine Bègue

Bilingual Secretary

Tamara Benicasa

Marketing and Sales Manager  

Catherine Hayet


Lucy Hogan

Copy Editor