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World Organisation for Animal Health

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The Scientific and Technical Department




Deputy Director General
(Animal Health, Veterinary Public Health, International Standards)

Head of Department:
Dr. Brian Evans


  • To improve the collection, use and interpretation of scientific information on Terrestrial and Aquatic Animal disease control;
  • To disseminate up-to-date scientific information;
  • To assist on the organisation of scientific conferences and meetings;
  • To develop scientific projects, and support the inclusion of the Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres on the OIE network as well as to manage the twinning programme;
  • To provide answers to OIE Member Countries on scientific questions.


Major activities:

  • Management and organisation of the work of the Scientific Commission, the Biological Standards Commission, as well as the different Working groups and ad hoc Groups. Supervising the official process for recognition of the sanitary status of Member Countries, and of diagnostic tests;
  • Implementation of follow up actions requested by the above-mentioned Specialist Commissions and publication of the Terrestrial and Aquatic Manual;
  • Supervision of the operational activities of the OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres. Management of the twinning programme and of the OFFLU network;
  • Organising scientific OIE conferences, seminars and meetings and representing OIE at relevant international conferences.