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World Organisation for Animal Health

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World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department


Head of Department:
Dr Paula Cáceres



To ensure transparency and up-to-date knowledge of the world animal disease situation, including zoonoses, through the collection, verification and dissemination of animal health information provided by Member and non-member countries, available in WAHIS public interface to the international community.

Major activities:

  • To manage the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) of the OIE, based on standardized disease notification procedures
  • Verify and publish in WAHIS public interface exceptional epidemiological events reported by countries; six-monthly reports on the presence or absence of OIE-Listed diseases; as well as annual reports with additional relevant information
  • Search for non-official animal health information and rumours disseminated by the media with a view to clarifying and enhancing animal disease reporting
  • To prepare reports on the world animal health situation for various conferences
  • To make epidemiological analysis on diseases and their trends
  • Capacity building of National Focal Points for Animal Disease Notification to the OIE to ensure the optimal collection and submission of information on animal diseases
  • To represent the OIE in the framework of information and disease notification systems with international and regional organisations.