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World Organisation for Animal Health

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The Communication Unit



Head of Unit:
Dr. Catherine Bertrand-Ferrandis

Team Members:

Mrs Marina Domingo Monsonis - Chargée de mission

Dr. Yael Farhi - Chargée de mission

Mrs Olive Ncube - Trilingual Secretary


The Communication Unit, created in 2001, optimises awareness of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and understanding of its mandate.  It facilitates transparency in scientific animal health information and publicises the OIE's many activities to make them accessible to all, using a variety of tools to target specific groups, ranging from the general public to professionals.

Major activities: 

  • Developing the OIE strategic communication plan;
  • Managing media relations (interviews, press releases)
  • Developing communication via social networks
  • Coordinating editorial consistency of OIE websites
  • Coordinating OIE internal communication
  • Designing communication tools (brochures, OIE annual report, educational videos, etc.)
  • Orchestrating international trade shows
  • Training OIE national focal points for communication
  • Harmonising messages for coherent overall communication
  • Harmonising messages delivered jointly with partner organisations