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Prevention and control

The measures in the strategy for dealing with BSE are early detection and warning systems and prevention and rapid response measures and mechanisms in place.

  • targeted surveillance of occurrences of clinical neurological disease;
  • awareness programs to enhance surveillance;
  • screening tests at routine slaughter;
  • transparency in reporting findings of BSE;
  • safeguards on importation of live ruminant species and their products, in accordance with the OIE Terrestrial Code;
  • removal of specified risk material (SRM) (brain, spinal column) during slaughter and processing of carcasses;
  • prohibit the inclusion of SRM in animal feeds, thus removing potentially contaminated material from the food chain;
  • humane destruction of all suspected and susceptible animals exposed to contaminated feed (cohorts);
  • appropriate disposal of carcasses and all animal by-products;
  • livestock identification to enable effective surveillance and tracing of suspected livestock.