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World Animal Health

The aim of World Animal Health is to present an annual synthesis of the animal health situation worldwide.  The original publication was a decision taken during the 49th General Session in 1981.Up to 2013, the World Animal Health was published only in a paper format.

This unique compilation is now available online..


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World Animal Health o
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The data reported in this tool has been collected by the OIE in accordance with its historical mandate for ensuring transparency in the animal disease situation worldwide through its online information system, the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS).

World Animal Heath presents a synthesis of animal health information from OIE Members as well as from non-OIE member countries. It provides a unique tool for all those involved in animal production, wildlife disease surveillance, international trade in animals and animal products and the epidemiology and control of animal diseases, including zoonoses.

World Animal Health contains the following sections:

  •  Animal population
  •  Diseases/infections present
  •  Diseases absent or never occurred
  •  Zoonoses present and absent by country/territory
  •  Zoonoses present by disease (all countries)
  •  Veterinary personnel
  •  National Reference Laboratories
  •  Vaccine production by country/territory
  •  Vaccine production by disease (all countries)

World Animal Health provides tables of data presented on an annual basis. This information is constantly being updated throughout the year by the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department of the OIE. All details are published as notified in the six-monthly and annual reports originally sent by the countries, after a verification and validation process by the OIE.

Extracts from World Animal Health may be copied, reproduced, translated, adapted or published, provided that the source copyright ©World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is mentioned.
In no event will the OIE be liable for any type of damages, including consequential or incidental damages, arising out or relating to the content of this application and its use.