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Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)

In accordance with the OIE procedure for official recognition of disease status, this page provides access to the List of OIE Members officially recognised as having a negligible or controlled bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) risk status by the OIE through the adoption of a resolution by the World Assembly of Delegates (Assembly) of the OIE at the General Session in May every year.

A Member wishing to be officially recognised as having a BSE risk status by the OIE should submit the questionnaire laid out in Chapter 1.6. of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code (Terrestrial Code) and comply with all requirements specified in the Terrestrial Code for BSE. The OIE Scientific Commission for Animal Diseases (Scientific Commission) is responsible for undertaking, on behalf of the Assembly, the assessment of OIE Members' applications for their compliance with OIE standards. The assessment carried out by the Scientific Commission is based on the recommendations formulated by a relevant ad hoc Group composed of world specialists in disease control.   

As the official BSE status of a country or zone is determined on the basis of an overall assessment of risk, the occurrence of a new BSE case implies a re-assessment of the official risk status only in the event of a change in the epidemiological situation indicating failure of the BSE risk mitigating measures in place.

When the Scientific Commission determines that the conditions are not met anymore to demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements of the Terrestrial Code, a disease status may be suspended. The Scientific Commission may decide to reinstate the suspended status when a Member has submitted an application which fulfils all the requirements requested for the recovery of official disease status laid out in the relevant Chapters of the Terrestrial Code. The suspensions and recoveries of disease status are announced by the Director General of the OIE in consultation with the Scientific Commission and the list of these is kept up to date until adoption of a new resolution by the Assembly the following May.

Members with a disease free status officially recognised by the OIE must submit an annual reconfirmation form by the end of November every year.