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The OIE Worldwide Monitoring System for Diseases in Wild Animals

Updated on 18/03/2021

Wildlife diseases may have a serious impact on livestock health and public health and can adversely affect wildlife conservation. Disease surveillance in wildlife must be considered just as important as surveillance in domestic animals.
The OIE was a precursor in recognising the importance of having a good knowledge of the disease situation in wildlife and has been collecting worldwide information on wildlife diseases since 1993.

Since 2008, major improvements have been introduced aimed at collecting quantitative and qualitative data on wild animals from Member Countries. The type of data collected has been brought into line with the one collected as part of the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS), which has itself been further developed to better address the disease situation in wild animals for OIE-listed diseases.

To improve the efficacy and efficiency of data collection, since 2013 a new section (the “WAHIS-Wild component” ) has been added to WAHIS (now OIE-WAHIS) to notify diseases specific for wild animals (non OIE-Listed diseases) and to replace the previous Excel questionnaire that the OIE has been using since 1993 to collect data on wildlife diseases. A further improvement of this reporting system is currently underway, with the launch of a specific reporting module integrated into the OIE-WAHIS platform.

Although the non OIE-Listed diseases have not met the OIE’s criteria to be listed, the OIE’s experts of the Working Group on Wildlife have selected them to be monitored, both because of their importance for wild animals and also for early warning purposes, in order to protect human and livestock health. Technical disease cards on non OIE-Listed diseases in wildlife can be accessed here

All the information reported through the “WAHIS-Wild component” is published on a separate OIE-WAHIS-Wild public interface. This separation of the two public interface is due to the fact that the reporting of non OIE-Listed diseases in wild animals should not have any impact on international trade of animals and their products.



Please note that due to the renovation of the “WAHIS-Wild component” (for both reporting and data display) some data on wildlife disease may not be available.

If you need any information concerning non OIE-Listed diseases in wildlife please contact the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department at [email protected]. On the other end, for disease situation in wild animals for OIE-Listed diseases,  please visit the new OIE-WAHIS platform: