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World Organisation for Animal Health

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Surveillance and expertise

The OIE strives to ensure transparency regarding knowledge of the disease at the animal level, through an obligation for all its Member Countries to declare cases and the gathering of scientific data from its worldwide network of Reference laboratories.

Surveillance of rabies

The surveillance and declaration of detected cases of rabies within national territories via the OIE World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) are essential in controlling the disease.

Rabies features on the OIE disease list. The disease must therefore be declared to the OIE by the veterinary authorities of the Member Country concerned, under the responsibility of that country’s OIE Delegate.

The OIE network of rabies experts

The OIE’s specialist rabies Reference Laboratories across the world are centres of expertise and standardisation of diagnostic methods. OIE reference experts, internationally renowned researchers, are committed to enabling the Reference Laboratories to provide the required technical and scientific expertise and to form opinions regarding the monitoring and control of the disease.

They also propose scientific and technical training for OIE Member Countries and coordinate scientific and technical studies in collaboration with other laboratories and organisations.

OIE rabies Reference Laboratories