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Your turn to get involved!

Members of the public, owners of dogs and other animals, journalists, veterinarians, national Veterinary services, governments – rabies is a devastating disease that affects us all.

Whoever we are and wherever we are, we can each contribute in our own way to the global fight against rabies.

This is why the OIE has made fact sheets, easy-to-use tools, videos and its standpoints available to all.The sharing of information is vital in this daily struggle.

Let’s all get involved today!


World Rabies Day 2020 | End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate

#rabiesendshere  #Rabies  #Zeroby30  #WorldRabiesDay


Each year, on the 28 September, the international community comes together to promote the fight against rabies. World Rabies Day is a day of action and awareness-raising. It is a chance for you to join the global movement. You can organise or participate in any event happening virtually or near your home.

New OIE Campaign "Rabies Ends Here"

Join the #rabiesendshere community and contribute to the fight against rabies!

This campaign aims to generate a sense of pride in people who have had a dog vaccinated against rabies and create a social trend to increase the number of people involved in vaccination campaigns.

Veterinary Services, dog owners, community members, YOU ALL have a ROLE to play.

Because behind each vaccinated dog, there is a man, a woman, a child, who made the move to vaccinate their animal or the one of their community.

A wide range of tools, both printable and digital are available and ready to be shared with your networks.

The comprehensive campaign guide, as well as the social media guide will help you explore the tools and how they can be best used and disseminated.

  • The printable tools include posters, certificates, flyers, and a logo that can be used for goodies.
  • The digital toolkit includes a video as well as social media frames and more!


Discover the tools and share them with your network!

Available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Download all the tools at once here


OIE rabies Vaccine Bank

Explanatory video




Rabies still kills

Rabies: vaccinate your dog!

To eliminate rabies, we need

OIE Rabies Vaccine Bank 2018


Canine rabies vaccines to save human lives

Delivering dog rabies vaccines to save human lives

This infographic can be download in several formats HERE


Infographic on rabies[1]

Informative documents

Zero by 30: First annual progress report

Zero by 30: The Global Strategic Plan

The fight against rabies: FAO/OIE/WHO Fact sheet

Rationale for investing in the global elimination of dog-mediated human rabies


Bulletin 2014-3: Rabies still kills – What are we waiting for to act?

Scientific and Technical Review 37(2)

Latest research on Rabies


 Subscribe to the Rabies Watch!

Human and dog rabies vaccines and immunoglobulins

Key Messages from the WHO/OIE Consultation held in Geneva, Switzerland
12-13 October 2015

Meeting report



[1] Infographic on rabies:
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