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Simulation exercise: Classical swine fever in Denmark

Dr Preben Willeberg, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration informed us that a real-time alert simulation exercise on classical swine fever (CSF) will take place in Denmark between 28 and 30 April 2004.

This simulation exercise on CSF is a training exercise designed to evaluate the skills of the Danish Veterinary Service and test the recently modernised contingency plan for CSF (April 2003). All regional veterinary and food administrations will be involved in the exercise as well as a number of slaughterhouses.

The exercise will try to mimic the real situation by being initiated as a number of suspicions of CSF occurring on real farms. Some of these suspicions will be "declared as outbreaks". All steps in the disease eradication on the farms as well as tracing of animals and products will be evaluated.

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