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Simulation exercise: Foot and mouth disease in Argentina

Dr Marcelo Sergio Miguez, President of National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (SENASA), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina informed the OIE that a simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will take place at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of La Pampa, in the Province of La Pampa, from 26 to 29 November 2013.

The simulation exercise, organized by SENASA, is directed to professionals of animal health from the Regional Centre La Pampa-San Luis with the objective of reinforcing their knowledge and their proficiency for rapid and efficient response in front of animal health emergencies.

Are invited to participate to this exercise, the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of La Pampa, the Veterinary Association as well as the Government from the Province of La Pampa with a view to strengthening the coordination when facing animal health emergencies.

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