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Simulation exercise: Foot and mouth disease in Nicaragua

Dr Willi Flores, Director of Animal Health, Institute for Plant Protection and Animal Health of Nicaragua (IPSA), informed the OIE that a table-top simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will take place in Nicaragua from 15 to 17 August 2016.

This simulation exercise is part of the continuous training process of the technicians of the Animal Health Official Department.

The specific objectives are to:

  • test the response provided by the Public Institutions, the Official Veterinary Services as well as private veterinarians when facing an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the country;
  • strengthen  epidemiological surveillance measures implemented to prevent the introduction of FMD as well as other exotic diseases;
  • put into practice the compliance with the guidelines stated in the National disease contingency plan of this disease.

Sixty two professionals will participate to this exercise. Among them will be administrative personnel from IPSA, veterinarians from the departments of epidemiological surveillance, quarantine, traceability of cattle, veterinary diagnostic laboratory as well as professionals from the private sector and producers.  

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