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How to publish a tender advertisment or respond to a call for tenders advertised on the OIE Web site

Each tender advertisement must include:

  • a reference number (to avoid any ambiguity in the event of the Member Country transmitting to the OIE an amendment or change to the call for tenders in question)
  • the opening and closing dates of the call for tenders, and the date the tender advertisement was sent to the OIE
  • all the required specifications for the product, namely, for vaccines: name of the disease, type, killed/live/attenuated, liquid/lyophilised, number of doses per vial, form and packaging, number of batches required, etc. The OIE will not modify the supplied documents in any way.

Tender advertisements must be sent to the OIE in the form of WORD or PDF electronic files. The text of the advertisement must not exceed one page, and the supplier will therefore have to request or purchase the tendering documents directly from the purchasing country.

The Delegate of the Member Country concerned, the potential purchaser, must complete, sign and send by fax to the OIE the standard contract oie_aao.doc before the tender advertisement can be published on the site. Under the terms of the contract, the Delegate undertakes to inform the OIE in the event of the call for tenders being closed before the indicated closing date or cancelled, and it releases the OIE from any liability in the event of a dispute with the supplier.

The supplier must contact the purchaser directly (see text of the tender advertisement) to submit a tender.

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