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The OIE shall not be held responsible for any delay in publishing the tender advertisement on the OIE Web site or for the age of the call for tenders transmitted (e.g. a call for tenders opened in September 2002 but not announced until December 2002 at the OIE)

The OIE cannot be held responsible in the event of a dispute or complaint regarding the awarding of contracts.

Delegates of Member Countries wishing to take advantage of this service for the publication of tender advertisements must sign a service contract with the OIE (oie_aao.doc). Under the terms of the contract, Delegates of Member Countries undertake to inform the OIE of any modification, cancellation or early closure of a call for tenders for which the advertisement has been published on the OIE Web site and they release the OIE from any liability in the event of a dispute with the supplier.

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