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2020 World Assembly of OIE Delegates

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced the OIE Council, in coordination with the Director General, to cancel the 88th General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates initially scheduled from 24 to 29 May 2020 and postpone it in 2021.

However, considering that some decisions cannot be postponed until 2021, the Council decided to submit to the consideration of the 182 OIE Delegates an adapted procedure allowing the approbation of few key resolutions through electronic means.


Working documents

Final Resolutions


Technical Item

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The OIE Working Group on Antimicrobial
Resistance: Providing guidance and
establishing priorities during its first year

New official disease status and control
programmes recognised by the OIE

Overview of the activities of the
OIE Specialist Commissions

Maintaining efforts to fight animal
diseases in times of COVID-19

Preserving our future by
protecting wildlife health

Required competences of Veterinary
Services for international trade