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World Organisation for Animal Health

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  • 12th OIE Seminar Antimicrobial Resistance and Rapid Diagnostics and Implementing New Biorisk Standards, held during the 18th WAVLD Symposium
    7-10 June 2017, Sorrento (Italy)
    Presentations and Recommendations
  • 11th OIE Seminar New Diagnostic technologies and International Standard Setting held during the 17th WAVLD Symposium
    15–18 June 2015, Saskatoon (Canada)
    Presentations and Abstracts
  • 10th OIE Seminar on the New Approaches to Diagnosis: Opportunities and Challenges held during the 16th WAVLD Symposium
    5–8 June 2013, Berlin (Germany)
    Presentation and Abstracts

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