Evolution of the animal health situation with regard to avian influenza

The OIE is vigilantly following the international animal health situation with regard to avian influenza.

Following the recent concerns caused by outbreaks of avian influenza in Russia and Kazakhstan and by the risk of spread of the virus to other regions of the world by migratory birds, the OIE recalls the necessity of intensifying the fight against the disease at its source – that is in the avian production plants in contaminated countries. This represents the best way of limiting the spread of the disease, of eradicating it and of reducing the risk of the virus concerned acquiring the attributes necessary for a human pandemic to occur.

In order to enforce the recommendations adopted during the OIE/WHO/FAO International Conference in Kuala Lumpur (07/07/05) as efficiently as possible, the OIE is once more appealing to the international community to make available sufficient funds in order to strengthen the capacity of the affected countries, in particular of their veterinary services and diagnostic laboratories, the animal disease surveillance systems, the implementation of vaccination, the education and training programmes.

Furthermore, the OIE invites the countries situated in the trajectory of migratory birds (more particularly countries of the Near and Middle East, of Africa, of the Indian subcontinent, of Oceania and of Europe) to intensify the animal health surveillance of avian production plants and of the avifauna.

Within the framework of technical assistance and upon the request of Kazakhstan, the OIE will send a team of experts to this country next week.