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World Organisation for Animal Health

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Food Safety

International collaboration

The protection of consumers worldwide requires Competent Authorities responsible for animal health, food safety and public health to collaborate at global, regional and national levels, in line with the One Health approach.

Food safety is a public health concern for the members of the Tripartite - OIE, FAO and WHO. Their collaboration on the subject of food safety includes the establishment of mechanisms to ensure collaboration between the OIE and Codex.

Harmonising international standards on Food safety

The relationship between the OIE and the Codex is particularly important because risks to human health and food safety may arise at the farm and any subsequent stage in the food production continuum. Consequently, risk management must be tailored to detect and address risks at the appropriate stage(s).

The OIE and Codex collaborate closely in the development of their respective standards relevant to the whole food production continuum, taking care to avoid gaps and contradictions. OIE Members strongly support this collaboration:

  • The Codex sets standards from primary processing through to consumption.

Both the OIE and the Codex Alimentarius are recognised as international standard setting organisations under the World Trade Organization (WTO)  Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement).