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OIE Global Conference on Rabies Control

"Towards sustainable prevention at the source"
7-9 September 2011, Incheon-Seoul (Republic of Korea)


Bringing all key stakeholders from different sectors together is crucial in defining and putting effective rabies control strategies to work.


This OIE Global Conference is meant to raise responsible parties’ and decision makers’ awareness on the necessity to address rabies at its animal source and reemphasize the key role of National Veterinary Services in preventing and controlling the disease.

Major issues tackled:

-       An appropriate combination of control methods including vaccination of dogs and stray dog population control should be chosen to address particular conditions of the disease in a given country;

-       Strengthen the effectiveness of public-private components of Veterinary Services

-       Enhance the support of governments and relevant national administrations, local communities, non-governmental organisations and dog owners;

-       Foster public-private partnerships to ensure sustainability.


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