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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

OIE Rabies Vaccine Bank: Vaccinating dogs today to save human lives tomorrow

84th OIE General Session


OIE Annual report 2015: Meeting the health challenges of tomorrow



WAHIS: Protecting animals, preserving our future



Vaccinate your dog! Protect yourself!



Rabies: The Philippines responds



Creating Change, Changing Lives



Photo exhibition: "Protecting human health through better animal health"


Large Game Diseases


HRH Princess Haya with OIE against rabies



No more deaths from rabies


Fighting rabies in Asia


OIE urges countries to destroy rinderpest stocks

Activities and objectives of the OIE



OIE Standard-setting process


Dr Bernard Vallat explains the OIE PVS Pathway



World Veterinary Day 2012


OIE Global Conference on Rabies Control

Questions to Dr. Bernard Vallat
Questions to Dr. Noël Tordo


OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health Programmes 


Contributions from the veterinary profession

Animal Husbandry




Food Safety
Food Security






OIE 79th General Session

Rinderpest Eradication: Official Ceremony
Interview with Dr. Messutti, President of the OIE




3 questions to Ann Tutwiler, FAO Deputy Director-General (Knowledge)
Questions to Dr. Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE



OIE Global Conference on Wildlife

3 questions to Dr. Bernard Vallat
3 questions to Dr. William Karesh 



OIE 78th General Session

Speech by Dr. Max Millien, Delegate of Haiti to the OIE



Discover the OIE



Dealing with H1N1: the OIE at work