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OIE Photo Competition 2015

 “Animal Health, beyond the cliché”

For the first time, the OIE organised its own photo competition in 2015 in a bid to demystify the association of animal health with domestic animals and veterinary surgery spread by media.  The objective is therefore to show through artistic delivery and photographic creativity, the crucial collaboration between animal health and public health and the daily and sometimes arduous activities of prevention, surveillance, diagnosis and control activities carried out by animal health players in the field (veterinarians, farmers, researchers and others) to safeguard animal health worldwide.

Winning photos


The region showed a keen interest in the competition and 45 photos were submitted. After serious deliberation, the jury chose the photo “Ensuring safe exports’ submitted by Dr Gideon Brückner, from South Africa and President of the OIE Scientific Commission for Animal Diseases as the winner. The photo was taken at an export abattoir in India while Dr Brückner was on a mission for the OIE. The photo depicts the final inspection of buffalo meat before packaging and export to ensure that it meets the OIE Terrestrial Code requirements.


Dr Brückner affirmed that “the OIE photo competition is a brilliant initiative to depict the magnitude of the veterinary profession and to stimulate veterinarians to view their work with new interest”.

Dr Gideon Brückner


The region demonstrated great interest in the competition and 69 photos were submitted. The winning photo,“Vaccination campaign against FMD, Province of Buenos Aires” belonged to Ms Maria Julia Anguita, the Communication officer in the National Directorate of Animal Health (DNSA) – SENASA in Argentina.  Her photo depicts cowboys on horseback herding cattle during a vaccination campaign in Buenos Aires, complying with OIE animal welfare standards.

Ms Maria Julia Anguita


The same level of great interest as shown by the Americas region was shown by the Asia and Oceania region. 68 photos were submitted for the competition. The photo, ‘Lung auscultation’ submitted by Dr Yadamsuren Dagvadorj, the Officer in charge of National Livestock Identification System in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Breeding in Mongolia was voted the best for the region. The photo shows a veterinarian examining a 6-year-old girl’s favorite calf on her father’s farm close to Ulaanbaatar city.

Dr Yadamsuren  Dagvadorj


Like the Americas region, 69 photos were submitted for the competition. The winner, Dr Petr Vaclavek, a Laboratory Specialist in Serology/Virology and Deputy Head of Virology Department at the State Veterinary Institute in Jilhava, Czech Republic submitted the photo, “Rapid detection of motile Salmonella’.  In the photo his colleague was evaluating the result of Salmonella spp. isolation on the selective agar called MRSV (Modified Semi-solid Rappaport-Vassiliadis Agar).


Accustomed to working in a laboratory and documenting his work through photography, Dr Vaclavek hailed the efforts made by OIE remarking that, “This competition is a good way to to make our everyday routine visible and give a practical meaning to “Animal health, beyond the cliché”.

Dr Petr Vaclavek


An overwhelming response was recorded from Middle East with 117 photos submitted. The winning photo, “Destruction of horse with glanders” was submitted by Dr Toraj Damavandi, a veterinarian and Head of Salmas District Veterinary Service in Iran. The photo shows the owner of a horse with glanders helping veterinary staff to implement appropriate measures for the healthy and safe destruction of the affected horse. It also shows the important role of VS in Iran in controlling zoonosis, and the difficult working conditions experienced by animal health players.

Clearly the importance and impact of such a competition can not be downplayed as noted by Dr Damavandi who affirmed that, “Organizing such competitions helps to show the global community the role of Veterinary Services in animal diseases control. I wish it could be done every year.”

Dr Toraj Damavandi



An experienced jury in photography and animal welfare was elected to choose the best photo per region under strict conditions, and as per the requirements detailed in the rules of the competition.    




  • Bernard VALLAT,

    OIE Director General




The selection process was organized in a totally anonymous way to ensure equal opportunities for all participants.


Plans are already underway for the 2016 edition of the OIE photo competition given the resounding success experienced in this edition. The announcement will be made in early 2016 and the Communication Unit urges you to take part!


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