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Protecting animals, preserving our future

Since the OIE believes that controlling all animal pathogens at their animal source is the most effective and economic way of protecting people, it works every day to promote a collaborative and multi-sectoral approach, centred on the concept of “One Health”.

Being aware of health risks at the human–animal–ecosystems interface is the cornerstone of their prevention and control. The communication tools developed by the OIE are freely accessible and available to everyone for downloading and distribution.


OIE documents


Animals, humans and diseases

« One Health » infographic

Scientific and Technical Review, 33(2), «One Health»

Bipartite and Tripartite FAO–OIE–WHO documents




The Tripartite’s Commitment (2017)

The FAO–OIE–WHO Collaboration: a Tripartite Concept Note (2010)




WHO–OIE  Operational   Framework for good  governance at the human-animal interface:  bridging WHO and OIE tools for the assessment  of national capacities

 FAO–OIE–WHO  factsheet on the fight against rabies

 FAO–OIE–WHO  factsheet on the fight against antimicrobial resistance



WAHIS: Protecting animals, preserving our future

Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA)
Summary of a speech by Dr Bernard Vallat at the White House to national and international policy-makers during the 4th meeting of the GHSA programme, in the presence of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and representatives of the
governments of more than 40 countries.


Press releases

  • 19/01/16 World Veterinary Day Award 2016
  • 14/12/15 Adapted and resilient animal health and animal production systems are key to efficiently address the effects of climate change
  • 13/11/15 Protecting the effectiveness of antibiotics: we can all contribute
  • 28/09/15 WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC call to invest in defeating human rabies transmitted by dogs
  • 11/09/15 Global Heath Security Agenda: Moving forward to a safer world
  • 07/08/15 Public health, animal health and security sector must speak with one voice on the need to strengthen health systems
  • 12/05/15 The OIE welcomes the publication of WHO Best Practices for the naming of new infectious diseases
  • 03/04/15 The OIE joins in the celebration of World Health Day 2015
  • 03/10/14 Bridging WHO and OIE tools to better control global health risks at the human–animal interface
  • 29/09/14 The importance of animal health for Global Health Security
  • 24/05/14 The Directors General of FAO, OIE and WHO united to tackle new challenges
  • 06/11/13 WSAVA and OIE call on political leaders for action on rabies
  • 21/10/13 OFFLU and WHO extend their collaboration for pandemic preparedness
  • 09/12/11 Summary details the outcomes of international high-level talks on health risks at the human–animal–ecosystems interface
  • 21/04/10 FAO-OIE-WHO Collaboration Concept Note on health risks at the human-animal interface is available online


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