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Benefits of animal health good governance presented by WHO and OIE at the European Parliament

Paris, 11 December 2013 - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has been invited to the European Parliament in Brussels to present a photo exhibition from 25 to 28 November 2013 on the theme “Protecting human health through better animal health” and to organise several side events.

During these four days, numerous Members of European Parliament have had the opportunity to discover or rediscover, the different facets of the work being done by veterinarians all over the world, and their commitment to safeguarding human health, through a selection of twenty large format photos from the five continents.

The preview of the exhibition welcomed some sixty participants and started with a speech by Dr Bernard Vallat, OIE Director General. He underlined that: “In a world of ever increasing movement of people, animals and animal products, it is crucial for the international community to be aware of the interdependence that exists between human health and animal health”. He also recalled that: “60% of the pathogens that cause human diseases can be transmitted by domestic or wild animals”.

A lunch debate gathering 70 invitees was also organised in the framework of the exhibition “Protecting human health through better animal health”. The session started with the intervention of Dr Kazuaki  Miyagishima, WHO Director of Food Safety and Zoonoses Department, who stressed the importance of the collaboration between the two organisations to tackle public health threats at the human-animal-ecosystem interface. Then, Dr Bernard Vallat presented more deeply the missions of the OIE, the actions that have already been accomplished, and the remaining challenges to preserve animal health.

Access the presentations:

Review the photos from the exhibition:
These photos are derived in part from a donation by some OIE Member countries including the Iranian Veterinary Services and in part from a photographic competition organised in collaboration with the European Commission during World Veterinary Year, in 2011.

During the event, the OIE Director General warmly thanked the Members of the European Parliament, who helped in the success of this event:

  • Mr Jan Mulder, for hosting the exhibition and co-hosting the lunch debate,
  • Mr Marc Tarabella, for hosting the lunch debate,
  • Mrs Sophie Auconie, for co-hosting lunch debate.

About the OIE
The OIE, an international intergovernmental organisation with 178 Member Countries, has as its mandate and goal the improvement of animal health and welfare worldwide, regardless of the cultural practices or the economic situations in member countries. In addition to its activities aimed at developing health standards for international trade in animals and animal products, collecting, analysing and disseminating veterinary scientific information, and guaranteeing transparency of the world animal health situation, the OIE promotes international solidarity and has set up support programmes for countries seeking to improve the capacities of their Veterinary Services.