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22nd Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas Guadalajara (Mexico), 10-14 November 2014

Guadalajara (Mexico), 14 November 2014 - The 22nd Conference of the World Organisation for Animal Health’s (OIE) Regional Commission for the Americas, which counts 29 Member Countries, was held in Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico from November 10th to 14th, 2014.

The event gathered several high level representatives of the OIE’s Council, the OIE’s Headquarters, its Regional and Sub-regional Representations, the national Delegates from the Member Countries of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas as well as the Delegates of Spain and New Zealand as observer countries from other regions. Representatives of concerned international and regional organisations and numerous observers also participated.

The conference began with a brief report on the activities of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas, followed by those of the Regional and Sub-Regional Representations.

Participants were provided with detailed information and analysis on the terrestrial and aquatic animal disease situation and evolution in the countries of the region, gathered through the OIE World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). The following technical items were subsequently discussed: “Veterinary education on aquatic animals and its impact on aquatic animal disease control strategies in the region” and the “Implementation of the compartmentalisation concept: practical experience and perspectives”. This concept includes the facilitation of international movements of high health and high performance horses.

Several key issues involving the Member Countries of the region, with special emphasis on the following matters were also deliberated:

  • the impact of the OIE Capacity Building Programme in the relationship between the OIE Delegates and the OIE National Focal Points;
  • the preparation of the OIE's 6th Strategic Plan (2016-2020), and its perspectives for the region of the Americas. (Consult the current Strategic Plan of the OIE).

“The concept of compartmentalisation was adopted ten years ago by the World Assembly of OIE National Delegates with the aim to define and manage an animal subpopulation of specified favourable animal health status in a Member Country, particularly in countries where this disease exists or could be introduced”, recalled Dr Bernard Vallat, OIE Director General. “Subsequently, the OIE has developed guidelines on its application. Yet, the use of this concept by OIE Member Countries remains rather limited. However, provided that compartmentalisation is a valuable tool for improving animal health and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks and important losses in case of epizootics, the OIE strongly encourages more implementation of this concept by OIE Member Countries.”

The discussions were fruitful and the recommendations adopted will be submitted to the OIE World Assembly and its 180 national Delegates in Paris, on May 2015, for final adoption.

The Conference was kindly hosted by the Government of the State of Jalisco and the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) Mexico. It received the support of the OIE Headquarters and of the OIE Regional and its Subregional Representation for the Americas.