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Avian influenza: launch of a new web portal

Key facts and figures about highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), the H5N1 strain or all other information relating to the disease can now be found on the new OIE Avian Influenza Portal.

The portal is designed to facilitate users' navigation and search for facts on avian influenza in animals. Easy to get around, it gathers all HPAI information available on the OIE website together into one space.

The site provides the public with clear, concise and consistent information on the disease. Key topics covered are: avian influenza prevention and control, strategy for dealing with avian influenza, technical expertise and applicable OIE Codes / Standards / Decisions / Guidelines / Recommendations.

It offers other useful current data like global disease updates, distribution maps, media resources and has links to other related web sites and resources. 

Access the AI portal at:
Feedback on the website will be appreciated and can be submitted to the OIE Communication Unit at the following address: