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Discover the winning photos of the 2016 OIE Photo Competition

Following the awards of the winning photos of the 2016 OIE Photo competition at the opening ceremony of the 84th General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates, the OIE is delighted to present you the winners and their works.

Paris, 4 August 2016 – Launched in March 2016, the competition “Animal welfare, beyond the cliché”, was an opportunity for the OIE Global network and veterinary students to showcase their photographic appreciation of the implementation of the OIE standards on welfare. The quality and content of the photographs received was outstanding, and with 10 possible winners from the two categories mentioned above, the judges were spoilt for choice.

The eight1  award winning pictures presented an artistic appreciation of a subject that is often associated with denunciations of practices in animal production or often associated with photos depicting poor welfare conditions.

The pictures showed the magnitude of the veterinary profession and the importance of the work of Veterinary Services in the fields of animal health and welfare, public health, prevention and control of animal diseases. The following is a mini-presentation of the award winning pictures, chosen after serious deliberation and under strict anonymous conditions:

Click on the image to discover more details about the winning photos

The great motivation of the participants was highly appreciated. The significance of the competition was summed up by Dr Monique Eloit, OIE Director General: “Actions to protect animal welfare are being taken at a global scale. The OIE Photo Competition is an exceptional means of recording these actions and puts them on display for the world to consider and appreciate that indeed actions beyond the cliché are being taken.”

The OIE congratulates all the participants, and encourages them to keep their cameras nearby as plans are underway to prepare the 2017 edition.

1 Unfortunately no complete entries were received from Africa and the Middle East regions for the veterinary students’ category