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FAO/OIE Regional Workshop on Food and Feed Safety - Bangkok, Thailand, 19-22 Jully 2004

The FAO/OIE Regional Workshop on Food and Feed Safety took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 19-22 July 2004, in collaboration with DLD (Department of Livestock Development, Thailand) and JLTA (Japan Livestock Technology Association).

The Workshop was organized in order to review the current situation of Food and Feed Safety in Member Countries and to set directions for food and feed safety programmes and concurrently to define the necessary areas where capacity building should be focused on. In addition to the OIE/FAO representatives, the workshop was attended by participants from 15 countries not only of the region as well as by representatives of private sector companies related to activities of food and feed safety.

The participating countries had the opportunity to report their current situation on general policies and legislation of food and feed safety, in particular on the major constraints to achieve the measures to secure food and feed safety in their countries, on food borne disease surveillance and monitoring and on risk analysis.

It was recommended that International organizations such as FAO, WHO and OIE continue extending their cooperation to Member Countries to further build capacity with regard to information collection, risk assessment, laboratory inspection and testing, food borne disease surveillance, through regional meetings, workshops, seminars, training and other activities.

Furthermore, it was decided that Member Countries in the Region develop a Food and Feed Safety Network, using FAO and OIE expertise, to improve food and feed safety, through coordinated surveillance and risk analysis activities, laboratory procedures and information sharing.

The OIE and FAO are committed to identify national institutes in the Region as Regional Collaborating Centres for food and feed safety in each of the identified disciplinary areas, to improve regional capacity.

The OIE together with the FAO will follow up activities of food and feed safety in the Region in line with the recommendations made during the workshop.