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Official launch of World Veterinary Year

Paris, 26 January 2011 – World Veterinary Year was officially launched on 24 January 2011, at the Palace of Versailles, in France, where King Louis XV had instructed Bourgelat to create the world’s first veterinary school, in Lyons.

Dr Bernard Vallat, Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) addressed the 700 participants from all over the world, in a speech focusing on the future of the veterinary profession. In his address, he emphasised the special importance of communication for recognition of the role of the profession. The speech is now available online.

The OIE is taking part in a communication campaign that will run throughout the year. The campaign will include six video recordings, produced with the valuable support of the European Union and soon to be available in 23 languages, each video illustrating a different facet of the work of veterinarians, ranging from scientific research to crisis management, and including food safety and animal healthcare.

These videos are already available in English, French and Spanish on the new OIE website, under the heading “For the media”, and will be also available on various online media, notably EU Tube and YouTube. The OIE and its partners have also launched an internet-based worldwide competition for photos illustrating the animal–veterinarian relationship: A video to mark the launch of the competition is available on the OIE website.

The campaign to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession will run for most of the year before being brought to a close at the 30th World Veterinary Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, on 14 October 2011.



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