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OIE Director General elected on IATA’s Live Animals and Perishables Advisory Panel

Paris, November 14th 2007 - OIE Director General, Dr Bernard Vallat, has been elected member of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Live Animals and Perishables Advisory Panel, of the Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB).

Dr Vallat was appointed for a two-year term as of October 24th 2007, date of the official and unanimous appointment by the LAPB.
“It is a great opportunity to be part of the IATA decision-making process, setting international guidelines that work for governments and industry and is beneficial to both animal welfare and international trade,” Dr Bernard Vallat, OIE Director General said of the election.

This new OIE membership is a strong endorsement of the collaboration between the two organizations towards developing standards on air transport of animals and animal products.