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OIE launches WAHID, unique global animal health database

The World Animal Health Information Database (WAHID) interface is now available on the OIE web Site and operational. This new extensive database is a milestone in OIE efforts to improve the transparency, efficiency and speed with which animal health information is disseminated throughout the world.

Complementary to the on-line notification made by OIE Member Countries through the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) launched in April 2006, WAHID offers all available data on animal diseases, including zoonoses, per country, region, month and year. Among others, the database also compiles country animal population, exceptional epidemiological events maps, global animal diseases distribution maps or comparative disease status between two countries. The latter application can help define health hazards linked to the trade of live animals and animal products between countries.

“WAHID is designed to provide high quality animal diseases information to all stakeholders including veterinary services, international organisations, trading partners, academics, the media and the larger public. All can access and monitor with us the evolution of animal diseases in one or several countries or regions of the world,” Dr Karim Ben Jebara, Head of the OIE Animal Health Information Department explained.

The new web interface will replace Handistatus II that compiles data from 1996 to 2004. Handistatus II will disappear when all this data is transferred into the more user-friendly WAHID.

WAHIS and WAHID are the unique system worldwide in the field of animal health information. WAHID can be found on the OIE website home page or on the following link: www.oie.int/wahid.