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PVS Pathway, 10 years together to improve Veterinary Services

Paris, 23 May 2017 – The OIE celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the PVS Pathway. Since 2007, the PVS (Performance of Veterinary Services) Pathway, flagship programme of the OIE, supports the Member Countries in the sustainable improvement of their Veterinary Services in compliance with the OIE international standards.

“The number of countries involved in the PVS Pathway is growing every year, due to its proven usefulness, simplicity and sustainability”, said Dr François Caya, Head of the OIE Regional Activities Department. “By supporting Veterinary Services all over the world, the OIE is improving animal health and welfare globally.” Over the past six years, the OIE has expended an average of €1 million per year on the implementation of the PVS Pathway to support Member Countries in building their capacities.

What makes the PVS Pathway unique is that it is an external and independent process. It is based on facts and evidence, carried out by experts trained and certified by the OIE, and missions are implemented on a voluntary basis through an official request from OIE National Delegates.

The PVS is not a one-shot evaluation, it is a full pathway that countries can decide to undertake voluntarily. Countries benefit from a comprehensive and useful programme to identify and fulfill their needs, divided in several steps:

  • an initial PVS Evaluation mission, to qualitatively assess the performance and compliance of Veterinary Services in accordance with the OIE international Standards on quality of Veterinary Services;
  • a PVS Gap Analysis mission, to facilitate the definition of a country’s Veterinary Services’ objectives in terms of compliance with OIE quality standards, suitably adapted to national constraints and priorities;
  • Several tools dedicated to specific topics such as laboratories, legislation, statutory bodies or Veterinary Education Establishments;
  • And then a PVS Follow-up Evaluation to monitor improvements and identify new needs.

Some of the most important outcomes - as reported by OIE Delegates - are the understanding of strengths and weaknesses of Veterinary Services, the possibility to have clearer pictures of the needs of Veterinary Services, a better understanding of the OIE standards, and an increase of training opportunities. Indeed, during the missions, OIE PVS Experts help Veterinary Services to assess their capacities, to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvements; eventually they work on solutions with the national authorities.

Since 2007, over 140 countries have implemented the PVS Pathway. (See the state of play of PVS Evaluation missions and PVS Gap Analysis missions in the world – updated 5 April 2017).

At the occasion of the 85th General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates, a video was displayed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the PVS Pathway. The video gives a “taste” of this programme directly from the voices of its protagonists, highlighting milestones, benefits and vision for its future.

The PVS Pathway has demonstrated its major global impact on strengthening national animal health systems in areas as diverse as resourcing, governance structures and national coordination, or intersectoral collaboration. It has allowed worldwide improvements regarding animal and veterinary public health surveillance, disease control, emergency response, food safety prevention, and animal welfare.

The ten year mark gives occasion to pause, to reflect and to set directions for the future. After the experience of approximately 350 PVS Pathway missions, the major challenges to PVS Pathway success are well understood. Along with this awareness, a PVS Think Tank Forum was held at OIE Headquarters in Paris, 4-6 April 2017. The purpose of the 3-day meeting was to work together, OIE Delegates and Members’ representatives, partners, experts and staff, to review and plan for the strategic evolution of the PVS Pathway.

“Up to now, we have a good baseline, a common language to speak to each other, but today things are evolving, especially in the ‘One Health’ perspective” said Dr. Eloit. “The OIE is actively working with its partner the World Health Organization (WHO) by creating linkages between the PVS pathway and the new International Health Regulations (IHR) monitoring and evaluation framework. Ensuring synergy between animal health and human health evaluation systems contributes to global health.”

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