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Rabies is everyone's concern: the time for mobilisation is now

Paris, 26 September 2014 - On the occasion of World Rabies Day, the OIE is mobilising its forces, and invites the international community to join the fight against one of the world's most deadly zoonoses. 

Every ten minutes, somebody somewhere in the world dies of rabies. That tragic statistic still holds true today. Each year, rabies claims around 70,000 human victims, mainly children in developing countries. However, rabies can be eliminated. Over 95% of human rabies cases are due to bites by infected dogs and, unlike many other diseases, we have all the necessary tools to eradicate it. That is why, today, every rabies victim is one victim too many. 

"In addition to the OIE's missions of setting standards and promoting international solidarity in order to prevent and control rabies, it is essential to inform populations on the ravages brought about by this devastating disease," declares Dr. Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE. "Rabies is a disease that is all too often under-estimated, and it is urgent for all to become aware of the fact that there are solutions.  Vaccinating 70% of dogs in risk areas would make it possible to eliminate rabies in humans."

For the first time, the OIE is publishing an interactive infographic on rabies, to help us better to know, understand, and combat the disease. The OIE addresses a broad audience, and encourages it to use and disseminate this infographic as widely as possible. We all have our contribution to make to the global fight against rabies. Discover the OIE infographic on rabies (also available in French, Spanish and  Russian).

At the same time, the OIE will be unveiling its new rabies web portal. This platform brings together a wealth of information on rabies and on action taken worldwide to combat it. What is rabies? How can it be controlled? How can we react?  The answers are here. It contains a page devoted to the OIE's communication tools aimed at various audiences, including disease information summaries, educational material, videos and statements.

September 28 has been declared World Rabies Day. Each year, the international community joins forces to promote the fight against rabies during this day of activism and awareness. The OIE lends its support to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), a non-governmental organisation, and to its activities on this occasion.